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The Monat Hair Care Products I Love

I consider myself a hair care connoisseur, and not only because I’ve tried just about every product over the years. If I’m not at brunch, you can probably find me in the hair and makeup isles of Target on the weekends. I probably know more about hairspray than one should. I also know that there are lots of big brands that you’ll pay a pretty penny for product full of silicones that coat your hair in problems. I was looking for something simple that worked for my thick yet fine textured hair. I’ll cut to the chase – it works for my hair and today I’m going to share why. Stick around to the end to see how you can get a free The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo with your order.

Monat is an all-natural hair care company that specializes in luxury hair products. I took their hair quiz that asked me questions about my current hair and what my #hairgoals were.

The products that work for me and my first impressions:

· Advanced Hydrating Shampoo

· Advanced Hydrating Conditioner

· Hair Transformation Masque

· Rejuvenique Oil

· Tousled Texturing Mist

How I use my products:

Shampoo & Conditioner – **IMPORTANT** True story: When I used the shampoo the first time, I thought I was doing something wrong… until I dried my hair. My hair felt different than normal. It didn’t feel like I had product in it all. My hair felt clean but not heavy from my shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t believe how my hair looked when I dried it. It looked styled, not just dried and I used no styling products. My hair felt fuller and voluminous with no effort from me other than washing my hair. Trust the process and be adaptable to how different your hair will feel.

The biggest improvements:

· Shine

· Volume and thickness

· Strength – my hair used to break off easily (use your heat protectant!!!)

Hair Transformation Masque – the most amazing daily hair masque ever. Do you have dry/lifeless looking hair? You need this ASAP.

Rejuvenique Oil – This stuff is actually a miracle product for me. I use it all over my skin and hair. This oil is not heavy yet it sinks into your hair and skin giving it shine and smoothness. One bottle will last you a while – you only need a little.

Tousled Texturing Mist – Perfect for my naturally wavy hair. I spray a bit on my damp hair and blow dry it to give me that Victoria’s Secret bombshell look (at least in my head).

Don’t know if it’s something you’ll like? Here are two reasons why I think you should try it.

1. It’s a process. These products take time to change your hair. I saw a major difference in about 2 weeks. Since Monat is a natural hair care brand, it’s not filled with silicones that have temporary effects on your hair – Monat’s products offer lasting effects.

2. The cost can be a little scary at first if you’re not used to buying luxury hair/skincare. It’s a prestige hair care line that you don’t need as much product from as you would when using a less expensive line. I think that the effects are worth the investment. Plus… see below on how you can score a special offer.

If you’d like to order the products to be your own #hairgoals, go to Every order over $49.99 will receive a free The Champ Dry Shampoo!

Thank you, Monat for partnering with me on this post!

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