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Jetsetter Diaries May & June '21

Being 30,000 feet up in the sky has been the main backdrop of my peripatetic lifestyle lately. My luggage has been a token of consistency as my location bounces from city to city. As I continue to travel accompanied by friends and family or alone, I'm learning just how in love I am with my life right now. I've grown my business, met new friends, deepened the friendships I have, and am experiencing more joy than ever due to gratitude and living life to the fullest. Here's what I've been up to these past two months:

Big business goal achieved - One of the goals on my vision board this year was to have Cabo Couture become bi-coastal by the end of 2021. I'm so happy to share that I achieved my goal and that Cabo Couture will soon be available in Charleston, South Carolina! To see where else you can find Cabo Couture check out

Travels - I traveled so much that my Louis Vuitton luggage broke...

Cabo 5/7-5/12 - To start off the month, I flew from Dallas to our place in Cabo with gifts in tow for Mother's Day weekend! One of my favorite parts of this trip was taking my mom to lunch at one of our favorite places, 7 Seas, and talking about everything under the sun. As I've gotten older, her wisdom is exponentially more valuable to me as I navigate adulthood. Her beauty is rivaled only by her wit and brilliance. Additionally while in Cabo, I got to meet up with some of my girlfriends who were there to shoot content for their blogs/Instagrams. I was able to give them several pieces from Cabo Couture and gained lots of exposure from the posts! Highlights: Celebrating my mom with our favorite cocktail, the No Way Rose!

Charleston 5/14-5/16 - After a short stop back in Dallas to catch up on some work and see some friends, I flew to Charleston for my friend Leva's birthday party! Since the renovation at our home in Charleston was coming to completion, I was able to forgo my normal stay in a hotel room and sleep at our house! Although we would move in fully in a matter of days, it was so nice to finally be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of waking up somewhere that I know and love. I will admit, I am romanticizing this a little because my mattress had not been delivered yet so I slept on an air mattress. Even so, it was home :) Highlights: Brunch with my friend Abbi and waking up early to go running in the battery.

Charleston 5/21- 6/14 - After one year of renovation and numerous trips to check on the progress, our 150+ year-old house on Rainbow Row was fully completed and restored! My mom and I left Dallas at 4 AM to make it in time to meet the movers at our door. As we pulled up to the house, I don't think either of us realized how much fun we would have together over the next few weeks. It's ironic that my house is in Dallas because I spent more time solely in Charleston over this period of time than I have anywhere else this year!

We completely furnished and decorated the three-story downtown home with antiques, family treasures, and new pieces of furniture alike. Our normal social lifestyle that we exhibit developed in the low country faster than you can say "Hall's Chophouse tonight?" lol. My mom and I hosted a girl's Happy Hour just four days after moving in that would make any Veuve Cliquot fan swoon. Just days after that, we hosted my mom's brother's family for the weekend. I organized dinners and brunches at our favorite places in the city. Later, my sister Sam and bestie Sabella flew in for an official housewarming party where many of our new Charleston friends came and exchanged low country living advice.

The final duration of this trip to Charleston consisted of joining my mom at design meetings for her next Charleston home renovation projects and spending time with my friends. I hadn't spent this much time with my mom since I lived at home before college, and let me tell you, did we have fun! We laughed, drank martinis, and spent hours sitting on our poolside bench swing. As I reflect back on the weeks we spent together I can't help but to smile and be thankful for all of the future memories my family will make in Charleston. Highlights: Hiring private chef Phil Brenner to cook brunch on our La Cornue stove!

Charleston 6/17-19 - Guess who's back, back again... me! I flew back to Charleston to do some business and get Cabo Couture in a new store, Maris DeHart, located downtown across from the Hotel Vendue! In addition to that, I met up with some of my girlfriends at the Citrus Club, one of my favorite rooftop bars.

Nashville 6/25-6/27 - For any new readers, you should know that my little sister Sam lives in the cutest Nashville townhouse just close enough to all of the action on Broadway. To celebrate Father's Day, my dad, Kerri, and I met my sister in music city for the weekend. My dad is kind, intelligent, and extremely funny so it's always a great time when we all get together. In addition to touring a distillery and bar hopping along Broadway, we enjoyed catching up and talking about what everyone has been up to. After a long day of walking around the city, Sam and I went out to see some friends and ended up at Kid Rock's bar... in Kid Rock's private section...with Kid Rock lol. Shortly after, Morgan Wallen came into the private area. At this point, I was fully expecting Dolly Parton to show up as well, because why not?! But to my dismay, she did not. Overall, our weekend in Nashville was incredible and I'm sure I'll remember it "All Summer Long" lol :)

Life Lately - The past two months have been fast-paced and full of exciting people and places. I'm learning to live in the moment while appreciating everything that has brought me to the present time. I am so grateful for my mom and dad and the hardworking spirit that they instilled in Sam and me. I can't believe that half of the year is over and I'm so excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

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