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Jetsetter Diaries March '21

This month has proved that my life is becoming more peripatetic by the day. I start and end almost every weekend at the airport with my Louis luggage in tow. I remember a specific moment growing up listening to my mom talk about the rush she got traveling through the tunnel into New York City. With wide eyes, I'd listen to the stories she told of the dozens of countries she visited. Maybe I feel that same rush as I walk onto the plane, ready to see what's in store for me. Here's what I've been up to this month:

Big business goal achieved - Cabo Couture is going to be gifted to the top stars in movies and TV for the Oscars weekend at the GBK Brand Bar's exclusive luxury lounges!!!!!! I'll get to represent Cabo Couture in-person to celebs and press and gift my products to them at exclusive parties during the week of the Oscars next month. Past celebrity attendees have included Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams, Jamie Foxx, Diplo, and more. I truly cannot believe it.

Here's the story about how this happened: A few months back, I found out that my favorite hotel in LA, the Kimpton La Peer, has a special "Call for Champagne Menu" that features Veuve Clicquot champagne and different foods such as burgers and fries wrapped in the iconic yellow packaging. I knew I had to share this with my followers on here and on my Instagram, so I found the general manager of the hotel on LinkedIn and asked if he'd be willing to give my best friend Brooke and me a tour of the property and try out the menu! We met and I shared that I own a women's swim and athleticwear line. He set up a meeting with the hotel's store manager (the GBK Brand Bar) and showed them my merchandise! They loved it and soon after I started selling Cabo Couture there! While standing in the customs line in Cabo this month, I opened an email from the store inviting me to be one of the vendors for the event. The GBK Brand Bar curates gifts for award shows and has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, US Weekly, InStyle, USA Today, Vogue, GQ, Vogue, Billboard Magazine and many nationally read publications. I am so honored and excited to be chosen by the GBK Brand Bar to participate.

Travels - Just two cities this month... next month has 4... my planner and Louis are ready!

Cabo 3/12-3/16 - I met my mom for a long weekend at our place in Cabo, and oh my goodness did we have fun. For those who know me well, you know how much of a badass my mom is. I cherish every second I get to spend with her. We had some amazing dinners, played golf at Querencia (Cabo Couture is being sold there soon too!), and laughed over some great cocktails. One of our favorite lunch spots, Seven Seas, is walkable from the beach at our house. We went there for guac and our favorite cocktail, the No Way Rose, which is comprised of rose wine, tequila, lime, and grapefruit juice! Thank you for inviting me, mom! I can't wait to go back! Highlights: Brunch at Flora's Farm and Mango Deck shenanigans.

Charleston 3/18-3/22 - I flew to Charleston to check on the progress of Rainbow Row Reno, our home renovation project, and to see some friends! It's been really cool to see changes coming along each time I visit- this trip I got to see the tile and cabinets being installed. I can already imagine the amazing pool parties we're going to throw there. Some of my favorite spots I visited while in the city were Camella's (aka The Pink Room) and Bourbon and Bubbles, my friend Leva's chic bar! I stayed at The Emeline Hotel that's within walking distance from some great shopping, coffee shops, and historical parts of the city. Shortly after landing back in Dallas, I headed straight to dinner to see my new friend and Charlestonian, Helen Hall, founder of Blender Bombs. Blender Bombs are a smoothie booster that turns your average fruit/veggie smoothie into a meal replacement. If you're a Dallas Heiress OG, you can recall that my collaboration with Blender Bombs was one of my first sponsored posts! Two years later, Helen and I have become friends over margaritas and mezcal drinks! It feels amazing to be friends with someone that I still look up to so much! Highlights: Seeing my friend Alden Dehart in her Charleston boutique, Maris Dehart!

Life Lately - This month I feel like I adopted a deeper understanding of trusting God's plan and believing in the fact that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's all too easy to rush off to the next task, the next promotion, the next city. I'm learning to be more present and taking time to appreciate right now. I reset by taking a bath, watching my favorites movies, or calling a friend.

I can already tell that this next month is going to be crazy busy, but I'm excited to see what new adventures and opportunities it brings.

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