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Jetsetter Diaries April '21

If April showers were airline tickets and travel-sized products, then my May flowers will be in full bloom. This month I traveled to four different cities making great memories with friends and family and reached a huge achievement for Cabo Couture! Yes, the jet-setting lifestyle is fast-paced, uncharted, and not for the faint of heart, but it has made me a voyager for adventure and a patron for courage. Here's what I've been up to this April:

Big business goal achieved - I mentioned in last month's post that Cabo Couture was chosen to be gifted at this year's star-studded Oscar's Awards Gift Lounge! I was face to face with some of my favorite celebrities handing them my products. I have to admit, something about this experience was truly cinematic! The exposure that the week of events gave to Cabo Couture is exponentially helpful and I'm honored to have the opportunity. Huge thank you to the GBK Brand Bar for inviting me to be a part of it! Check out some of the photos from the event below! :)

Travels - My Louis luggage got a lot of use this month!

Cabo 4/2-4/6 - I spent Easter weekend with my mom in Cabo playing golf, attending yoga classes, whale watching, and going to some of our favorite restaurants. My trip to Cabo overlapped with my stepbrother's and aunt and uncle's, so I got to see everybody! It was nice to start off the month with a relaxing weekend where I could mentally and physically charge myself for the vivacious weeks to come.

Highlights: Champagne toasts at El Farallon's champagne terrace overlooking the Pacific ocean and roaring waves.

Miami 4/8-4/11 - I touched down in Dallas for 24 hours, did some laundry, then headed back to the airport to go to Miami for Marissa's birthday! Marissa is one of the smartest, wittiest, and sociable people I know. Did I mention she's gorgeous too?! We spent our days in the Miami sunshine on the streets of South Beach roaming around different brunch spots. Marissa's phone was subject to its own dose of Miami vice when it quit working day 2 lol. I accompanied her downtown to a phone repair shop where we awaited her iPhone's recovery status at a breakfast joint down the street. Before heading back to Dallas, we allocated a whole day to yachting around the beautiful waters of Miami Beach.

Highlights: Dancing in the club and Marissa's iPhone being repaired so she could capture her trip in pictures and videos... maybe it should have stayed broken??

Charleston 4/16-4/18 - Trips with my mom and sister are my favorite, I do declare! We came to Chas to check up on some major progress on our Rainbow Row renovation project. The appliances are being delivered, the tile is in, and I can almost taste the amazing breakfasts we will cook on the La Cornue stove. I can't wait to be able to stay here when it's complete soon! We had an incredible dinner at the Tempest, rated #1 new restaurant in the US by USA Today, and a breakfast of champions at Toast, another favorite of ours. The times I get to spend with my mom and Sam stay dog-eared in my mind. Some of my favorite memories of our trio include days where we shopped at Limited Too with Juicy Couture bags in tow before going home to have a makeshift fashion show that felt all too real at the time. Looking back, some of my favorite memories were the simplest ones. We've always had fun together and I can't wait to make new memories in Charleston!

Highlights: Picking up Sam from Nashville in the jet with Chic-fil-a ready for her and finally walking onto the repaired upstairs balcony at the house!

Los Angeles 4/20-4/25 - "I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan" After being invited to participate in the Oscar's Gift Lounge, I spent weeks preparing every detail raking my mind to make sure everything was in place by the week of the events. Somehow by the grace of God, everything seemed to fall into place. The gift lounge featured products from several entrepreneurs across the country who like me, were eager to get their products in the hands of some of the biggest celebrities! This event was huge for Cabo Couture and I feel so honored to have been there. I took 10000 pictures and videos that I'll be sure to show my kids one day, but check out some of the professional pictures below!

This trip also aligned with my friend Brooke's birthday! We celebrated together at one of our favorite restaurants, Craigs, and also got to try Nobu Malibu! Brooke and I have known each other since sixth grade and have always seemed to stay in touch through the years and miles in between us. She's sweet, confident, and a blessing in my life.

Highlights: Meeting Kesha!!! It took everything in me not to start singing Tik Tok when she walked up to me.

Life Lately - I was in my hotel room assembling the clothing rack that each celebrity would grab my products off of when it hit me - I built this company out of an idea in my mind last year and now I'm at the freaking Oscars!!!! I'm forever grateful that I listened to my intuition and had the moxie to give Cabo Couture a chance. Life lately has been fast-paced and filled with airports and hotels. I remember two years ago texting my mom about a month where I was traveling every weekend and I told her that I didn't know if I was able to do it. I wish I could tell that version of myself to trust the journey and have the courage to try something that makes you uncomfortable. I'm so excited to see what my future has in store for me and I'm so blessed to be able to do it beside my friends and family.

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