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Jet Setter Diaries - February '21

This month has been filled with so many fun travels, events, and about zero downtime. The old Maddie would have passed out just looking at my calendar but today, I look at my fully packed days and weekends with a smile knowing that I'm filling my time with the things that are making my dreams of being a business owner come true! I think I've spent more time in the sky than on the ground some weekends lol. I wanted to start a new series on my blog where I'll detail my travels, what I'm doing, who I'm dating (omg), and more! I'm calling it the Jet Setter Diaries. Here's what I've been up to this month:

Big business goal achieved - I was asked to host a pop-up store in the Virgin Hotel in Dallas on March 4th! I had to re-read that again because I can't believe it's happening. This will be my first of hopefully many more pop-ups! If you're in the area, please come by and say hi! There will be drinks, music, a photographer, and of course, Cabo Couture starting at 6 pm!

Travels - My Louis Vuitton luggage got a lot of use this month!

Charleston 2/4-2/7 - I traveled with my mom and Dave to see my aunt and uncle who live in South Carolina! We checked out the renovation progress of our house there as well as some additional properties to restore. Highlights: dinner at Peninsula Grille and showing Cabo Couture to some new stores!

Cabo 2/10-2/14 - Birthday trip!!! My friend Marissa and I had way too much fun at Mango Deck. What's new though, right? My mom and Dave hosted us and planned the most amazing birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world, Ediths! I even got to see my sister, Sam, and her boyfriend Alex from France! Being back with my sister even for a short while makes me so happy. Highlights: Blowing out the candles for my birthday wish in my favorite place. At that moment, everything in the world seemed perfect. #goals

Charleston 2/16-2/17 - 24 hours in Charleston - bless MY heart. This trip was quick because I had to fly to LA just a few days after, so I made the most of my time! I checked out the progress on the house and had dinner with some friends at Frannie and the Fox, a trendy restaurant inside the Emeline Hotel downtown. Highlights: Having dinner with some old and new friends with lots of great wine!

Los Angeles 2/19-2/21 - Y'all know when I go to LA I get to see my bestie, Brooke! I try to visit her as much as possible. Every time we're together, I swear we end up having more fun each time. She's the kind of friend everyone deserves- thoughtful, kind, and knows how to have a damn good time. By staying at our favorite hotel (The Kimpton La Peer) so often, we've become good friends with the management team there. I even sell Cabo Couture in their hotel store, the GBK Brand Bar! They were so kind and gifted us the PENTHOUSE to stay in! Highlights: Brunch at the Polo Club at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Order the bacon to share for the table, trust us.

Life Lately - This was my first Valentine's Day being single in maybe forever?? I'm the girl that always has a boyfriend, so this season of my life just focusing on myself has been truly liberating (pardon how cliche that sounds). Of course, I can't wait for the day when I meet a man who can keep up with me, but for now, it's kind of fun just taking care of myself and finally being able to date when and who I want! I'll keep y'all posted on this part of my life for sure ;)

If you're like me, slowing down is not easy. I've learned that this jet-setting lifestyle needs to be partnered with a self-care regimen that benefits your health, sleep, and downtime.

Sometimes my sanctuary is 30,000 feet up in the sky, and that's okay. I'm learning to adjust as each day brings a new adventure, and I'm loving every second of it.

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