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Escape the Indoors With Prime Picnics

Planning a night out in 2020 is no walk in the park. That's why a picnic may be the perfect solution to getting together with your friends safely. I'm so excited to share my collaboration with Prime Picnics, a company that specializes in bringing people together with their elaborate picnic setups that include everything you need for a fabulous day or night out of the house.

Here's how it works: Pick your package, show up to your pop-up picnic location, enjoy, and leave feeling connected to your friends and family while the sweet Prime Picnic team cleans up the adorably decorated picnic. I took along two of my close friends to a "Pure Picnic" which includes a rug, pillow seating, blanket, ice and ice bucket filled with flavored sparkling water, full place settings, florals, candles, Bluetooth speaker, and choice of charcuterie board, pastries with jam and seasonal fruit, or dessert tray with seasonal fruit.

I chose to have my picnic in Dallas' Turtle Park at 6PM and brought along some wine, making it the perfect happy hour by the lake. My friends Alanna (left) and Morgan (right) hadn't seen each other since we all went to high school together! I thought it would be fun to catch up on a Friday evening in the park! The string lights made the entire area glow almost as bright as the Friday night lights of our Alma mater football games did :) Of course, you can decide to do a customized picnic to fit your exact desires! Picnics are booked by the hour, so if you need more time to enjoy, you can choose an Extended Pure Picnic while booking. Twenty Minutes prior to your picnic's reservation, the Prime Picnics team sends you an exact Google pin drop location of your picnic so you know where to get the party started.

Why I Loved It: Whether you're planning a date night, brunch, or backyard gathering, Prime Picnics offers packages that will blow your childhood picnic out of the water. Every single detail of your picnic is strategically thought of and executed by their team in the most *extra* way, just the way I like it! :) Our charcuterie board was filled with delish meats, cheeses and fruits all placed beautifully on a board perfect to share. We connected to the Bluetooth speaker and exchanged stories on what we all had done since high school while Fleetwood Mac quietly played in the background - how charming right?!

Why you should book a picnic: Prime Picnics is a veteran owned business who donates 10% of their monthly revenue to military and veteran organizations. Additionally, if you're an active military member, you can receive 15% off of your picnic experience. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening. Prime Picnics exceeded my expectations and created the perfect backdrop for a mini reunion of my friends!

Why not escape the indoors and book your Prime Picnic here!

Thank you Prime Picnics for collaborating with me on this post!

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