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From Buckhead With Love - Gift Giving Made Easy With The Buckhead Gift Company

As a Georgia girl myself, I was ecstatic to hear that a Georgia-based company wanted to partner with me. Better yet, one co-founded by my childhood neighbors! Buckhead Gift Company specializes in creating elegant gift boxes, taking the stress out of shopping for the perfect gift. We've all been there when you've been invited to a dinner party and wanted to bring the host something a little more meaningful than a bottle of wine. Buckhead Gift Company offers solutions for any gift giving situation since they have an array of ready to ship and custom gift boxes.

Along with Zoom and FaceTime calls, gift giving can help bridge the gap of some of the physical distance we all are experiencing. There's nothing better than opening your door to a gift from someone special, so why not treat someone you're missing or yourself to a luxurious gift box? Today, I'm sharing two of my favorites from Buckhead Gift Company and showing you everything that comes inside!

Buckhead Gift Company definitely proves that love is in the details. I felt like a queen (or Dallas Heiress I should say) opening a luxe box wrapped in silky ribbon filled with premium items. Each order comes with your own personalized message. From right to left you can see the "Bedside" and "Workspace" gift boxes.


I don't know about you, but there isn't anything I can think of that's more relaxing than coming home and slipping into freshly cleaned sheets, putting on a lip balm and spraying your pillow with a yummy mist. Okay, maybe add in a scoop of your favorite ice cream prior to what I just listed. The Bedside gift box includes an Elizabeth W Mint Rosemary Lip Polish and Pillow Spray, a Rifle Paper Co notepad for your million dollar idea that comes to you at 2AM, and an Elizabeth W Sea Foam Sleep Mask.

I think that this would be perfect for yourself or to keep in your guest room. Your house just turned into a 5-star resort. Get your Bedside gift box here.

This lip polish is one of my favorites. It provides just enough buff while remaining hydrating.


Whether your office is in your living room or back in the "real world", anyone could use a box of Workspace essentials. The Buckhead Gift Company's Workspace box comes stocked with everything you need to make work a little bit more elegant. This gift box comes filled with a 15-count pack of Well Kept Cleansing Towelettes, Elizabeth W Cucumber Clean Hand Spray and Cucumber Shea Hand Cream and an EW pinstripe mask (you can order this gift box with or without the mask if you already have one). I'm constantly ruffling through notes or adjusting my headset, so the Hand Spray is perfect to keep around. It's made from essential oils and fruit extracts while being formulated with 70% alcohol. The Shea Hand creme is as luxurious as it sounds... soooo good.

Pimp your desk by clicking the link here.

Your friends and family will love receiving a thoughtfully prepared gift, especially in times like these. I was so impressed with the quality of the items inside, not to mention the beautiful wrapping and personalized note written out just for me! There are a variety of gift boxes to choose from including gifts for entertaining, moms to be, spa nights and more. Check out all of the ready to ship gift boxes or contact their team to get set up with custom gifts for your clients or upcoming event. Staying connected just got that much easier. Order your ready to ship or custom gift boxes here!

Thank you Buckhead Gift Company for partnering with me on this post!

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