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The 5 Stationery Staples Everyone Needs From Basic Invite

It's the details that make things go from good to great. Think about your mom's special dip that she makes just right, or when your dad takes your car through the car wash and makes sure every inch of your car is clean. It's the little things in life that make it special. Life is full of bigger moments too, like birthdays, weddings and holidays. Whether you're celebrating with a crowd or just keeping in touch with a close friend, invitations and stationery are a medium that has been used for centuries. Thankfully, Basic Invite creates the perfect cards for every moment. Today I'm sharing my favorites and telling you all about how you can make yours.

A little bit of background first, though. Basic Invite offers almost unlimited color customization. What sets them apart from the rest is their commitment to making sure each card is perfect. They're one of the few websites that allows you to receive a printed sample of your custom design before you even ordering anything. Plus, they offer free, mobile-friendly wedding websites that are completely customization to fit your theme or colors. Check out the wedding invite I made for Cinderella and Price Charming below... lol

Let me tell you a quick story. I think every girl should own stationary. Why? A good set of stationery can make a letter to a friend or a thank you note every more special. Handwritten or printed messages make words on a page tangible and something you can keep forever. In high school, my teacher had everyone's parents write their child a letter of advice, similar to the book we were reading at the time in class, Hamlet. Just as Polonius advises his son Laertes, the letters my mom and dad wrote to me are dear to me and I reread them occasionally when I need advice. I keep mine in my Bible, but one day I think I'll frame them. You can make your moments memorable with pretty stationery, too.

Here are the staples everyone needs:

1) The Thank You Card

2) The Note Card

3) More Note Cards, Because Why Not?

4) The Party Invitation

The blog post all about the 90's party I threw Clayton is coming soon! But before that, check out these Basic Invite Derby Bridal Shower invites. Basic Invite offers an array of party and holiday invitations that will be perfect for your celebration.

5) And One Day, The Wedding Invitation

Stationery should be special. Basic Invite offers extreme customization to make life's moments, big and small, completely yours. Check them out with the links below and get started on creating your own set of perfect stationery!

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Thank you to the Basic Invite for partnering with my on this post!


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