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Thank u, Next: Gratitude & Appreciating Yourself

Over the past few weeks I've received letters, gifts and messages congratulating me on my graduation. Reading these messages and letters has opened my eyes to just how much I've accomplished during my years in college. Sometimes I get so busy doing what I need to do next that I forget to look up and see how much I've done. I don't always allow myself to be proud. I'm constantly planning my next move, my next step, and my future. Today I want to share an appreciation letter to myself and challenge you to look at your life and write down everything you are proud of doing for yourself and for others.


You did it! On Saturday you'll walk across that stage proudly and will hear the words of Matthew stating "Well done, good and faithful servant!" (Matthew 25:21). You've done a lot over the past years. You moved a few times, had your fair share of relationships (lol), traveled the world and learned so much more about life than you ever dreamed. You didn't do it alone. You were surrounded by people who loved and cared about you. People who stood beside you no matter what happened.

You completed two internships. This summer you worked 40 hours a week on top of taking 9 hours of classes. Additionally, you kept your relationship going, spent time with your friends and family, as well as regularly posting on your blog. Working like that made you appreciate the hard work of your parents and every ounce of energy they put into giving you and Sam the life you have.

You took 21 hours/7 classes your last semester. When it was hard, you didn't give up. You woke up early and did yo thang. You tried your best to do it all, and learned to be okay with not being perfect.

You were a friend to those who needed you. You also learned who your real friends were when you needed them.

You found your calling. You changed your major from mechanical engineering to logistics and supply chain management. You completed classes at the top making the Dean's and President's Lists. You blogged about things that were important to you. You met people through blogging that you couldn't imagine not being in your life.

You sang and danced a lot. I hope you continue to do this.

You cared about those who have less than you. You donated clothes, food, and your time to those who needed it, not looking for any recognition for yourself. You learned to treat everyone the same.

You put yourself out there and learned to be confident in exactly who God made you to be. You took leaps of faith and flourished.

Think back to when you first started college. You had no idea what was in store for you, but God did. As you move forward in these next chapters don't forget to look up and see how far you've come.



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