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5 Things I Changed To Start Living My Best Life

I think the greatest desire for all people is to be fulfilled and happy. It's easy to compare yourself to those around you and try to see if their life looks better than yours. I decided that it was time to stop comparing and start being the best me. I changed five things to start living my best life, free of the comparison game and full of confidence and happiness.

Photos by Audrie Dollins

1) I Stopped Worrying About My Past or My Future

Sometimes I live in a "time machine" mindset where I'd do anything for Doc Brown to give me a ride in the DeLorean to change my past or look at what's to come. Plutonium is hard to come by, so I started thinking about the present more and what I could do to be okay with exactly where I am.

2) I Became More Grateful For What I Have

Every day I try to list off a few things that I am thankful for. They could be large or small.

3) I Started Taking More Chances

I think a lot of my new found confidence is derived from taking chances and trying new things. I did this recently by confidently presenting a huge project in front of my class when I could have chosen to be fearful the entire time. Afterward, I felt like I had accomplished something huge and was so proud of myself. This year I'm going to focus on how I can feel like that more.

4) I Made My Daily Devotions More Important

I started making sure that I either began or ended my day with my devotion book and Bible. I think it's important as Christians to spend time with God every day. I used to just read the Bible, now I study it and apply it to my life.

5) I Quit Worrying About What People Thought of Me

Nobody else is living your life. They might have opinions or ideas, but you know what's best for you. That means having to accept your mistakes and failures and start finding fulfillment and happiness through God and the things that bring you joy.

Good luck! -mms

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