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My Daily Blender Bombs Smoothie Recipe + GIVEAWAY

My busy schedule sometimes gets in the way of eating 3 square meals a day. I think a lot of working women forgo lunch at work while powering through meetings, phone calls, etc. I tried making shakes before but found myself standing in vitamin shops staring at 100 different kinds of whey protein powder. Worst of all, these shakes tasted terrible and I felt like I needed to wear a bro tank afterwards lol. All of this changed when I stumbled across Blender Bombs, the only smoothie add-in that gives me consistent energy, decreases my cravings, and provides me with an easy way to get all of my nutrients in. Read until the end of this post to see how to win a $50 gift card to the Blender Bombs website!!!

I’ve been a customer for some time now and start every day with a Blender Bomb smoothie. Each BB is made of the same base: chia seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, pecans, dates, bee pollen, local honey, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. (Nut allergy gals – they have a nut free BB!) What separates Blender Bombs from other “energy bites” is the ratio of nuts and seeds to dates and honey. The natural energy from the high nut/seed ratio keeps me full all morning. I’ve tried three different flavors so far. My favorite is the cacao and peanut butter.

What I love about Blender Bombs:

All Blender Bombs are gluten, dairy, and soy free!

There are 10 blender bombs per box

They were created by Helen Hall, founder of Hush Up + Hustle, a company that “represents everyone out there trying to be the healthiest and best damn versions of themselves” PREACH!

Making myself a smoothie every morning made me more conscious about what I’m eating. I started to think about how the food I'm eating is energy and fuel for my day. In terms of fuel, I'm a premium girl, never regular (cheesy gasoline/fuel octane joke)! Now, I'm confident that the food I'm eating will provide me with the energy I need while at work or school without the mid day crash I felt before. Best of all, its easy to make and costs less than what I way paying in a coffee shop everyday... I drink mine in my favorite Louis Vuitton inspired YETI cup to cut down on wasting plastic. I'm still a recovering water bottle hoarder. You can get your custom cup here.

My daily BB smoothie couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to make it:

1 Blender Bomb (currently trying the Goji, Coconut & Acai... SO good)

1 cup of Wyman's Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries & Cherries with Kale

1 cup of cold brew (trust me, SO good) or water

Blend and enjoy!

If you want to try Blender Bombs and have consistent energy, decrease your cravings, and ditch the bro shakes, I have some exciting news! I partnered with Blender Bombs to give one lucky winner a $50 gift card to use on the Blender Bombs website!! All you have to do to win is:

1. Like my Instagram post

2. Follow @madeline_sepcic, @hushupxhustle, and @blenderbombs

3. Tag two friends in the comments

Say goodbye to bro shakes and hello to smoothies made for people working hard for what they want without sacrificing flavor.

Thank you to Blender Bombs for partnering with me on this post!

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