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5 Things I Learned In College That Didn't Come From a Book

In two short months I’ll be graduating college with a degree in logistics and supply chain management. Mom and dad, I assure you that I learned a lot. These past years of my life have been instrumental to who I am today and who I want to become in the future. As my graduation approaches, I can’t help but to look back on everything that I’ve learned, both in and out of the classroom. I’m so thankful for the formal education I have, and I know that I am very privileged to have the opportunity to attend school. That being said, I’m also thankful for the things I learned outside of class, which I’ll share with you today. Here’s some of the things I learned in college that didn’t come from a professor. Best of all, they are free of charge unlike my $300 physics book…

1. How to balance

College showed me that life is all about balance. I learned how to prioritize my time for work, school, family, friends and other activities so that nothing suffered. Obviously, striking the perfect balance will be a life-long task, but college helped me get in some practice.

2. That you don’t have to be good at everything

In college grades matter a lot. Yes, its always important to do your best, but not being the *best* in one subject doesn't mean you're a failure.

3. How to be independent

I moved into the dorms my freshman year with two sweet girls that I barely knew. I quickly realized how much of my life was in my own control now. I decided what to do and when to do it. College forced me to be independent and rely on myself more than ever before, ultimately making me stronger because of it.

4. To appreciate my parents

I could go on and on about how much college made me realize how blessed I am to have the parents that I do. From answering chemistry questions to getting their opinions on what classes to take and what I should choose for my career, college allowed me to see my parents in a way I never had before. Okay I'll stop getting too cheesy. Thank you mom and dad!

5. To be myself

Like life itself, college allows you to be whoever you want to be. I literally saw people dress up as characters to class and ride razor scooters everyday. I chose to surround myself with people that I love, have the most fun as possible, and choose to live with little fear or regret.

I am so thankful for these past years in college and can't wait to see what the future holds! Alexa play "I Love College" by Asher Roth.


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