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Get Your LinkedIn Profile Ready For Recruiters in 30 Minutes

I think that we can all agree that LinkedIn is probably the best resource to connect employers with job seekers and current members of the workforce. With so many people on LinkedIn applying for jobs, profiles can easily get lost, leaving some feeling like their skill set is inadequate. In reality, the problem could just be your LinkedIn profile lacking critical keywords and details that match the criteria of your job search's requirements. Think about the dating apps that allow you to swipe through potential matches. Chances are you could be passing on some great matches and register them as a left swipe (or a no) because of how their profile appeared. Stick with me here, I promise there is a point. Maybe it's your LinkedIn profile that is keeping you from being seen by recruiters. Since LinkedIn applications rely on keywords, your page could be overlooked if your profile doesn't have them. Today, I'm sharing how to update your LinkedIn profile to catch recruiter's eyes and how to get it done in 30 minutes!

Minutes 1-10: Create or Update Your Summary

Don't skip the summary. Your LinkedIn summary is your opportunity to show why you are the best candidate for (insert your dream job here). Your summary should include an overview of your experiences using the characteristics that the jobs you are pursuing include in their job description. Take a look at a few job descriptions for the jobs you are applying for. Find the most common characteristics and work them into your summary where applicable. Here's my summary:

Minutes 10-15: Update Your Skills

Look back at the job descriptions you looked at earlier and add these skills into your profile where applicable. LinkedIn will list your skills in order of highest endorsement to lowest, but you can manually select your top three skills. Make sure your top three (and the rest) align with the job you are pursuing.

Minutes 15-20: Change Your Headline

LinkedIn will default this section to "Current Title at Name of Current Employer" but you can take advantage of this space by using words that will catch the eyes of recruiters and LinkedIn's algorithm. If you are currently looking for a job you could change your headline to read: "Seeking Opportunity in (insert your dream job's title here) with experience in (insert job requirement here)".

Minutes 20-22: Create a Custom URL

Ever notice how your LinkedIn profile URL has a bunch of letters and numbers after your name? You probably notice it more when pasting the URL into your resume or a job application. You can change your LinkedIn URL to look like mine easily. Go to your profile, click Edit public profile & URL in the top right corner, click the pencil icon, and change your URL to simply your name.

Minutes 22-23: Change Your Profile Picture

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile picture is professional looking with a simple background and professional clothes for your headshot. Smiling is always good too :)

Minutes 23-30: Edit, Review, and Follow Companies You Admire

Make sure there are no spelling errors anywhere in your profile. Look over your summary, skills, experiences, and verify that you've added some of the keywords used in the job descriptions you've looked at. Finally, connect with people and follow companies that you admire to stay up to date with their news!

I hope that these tips were helpful! I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn!

Good luck! -mms

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