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My Favorite Planner & Accessories to Stay Organized + GIVEAWAY

I'm the type of girl that uses a planner for a lot of things. I manage my time, make to-do lists, jot down my goals, and take notes about the things that happen day to day. I attribute most of my achievements to writing my goals down, completing them, and then using my pencil to create that oh-so-amazing check mark equating that I did it. Because I am so reliant on my planner and scheduling accessories to organize my busy life, I thought I would share my tips and tricks to planning and announce an exciting giveaway so you can plan too! You can enter to win all of the products I'm sharing in this blog on my Instagram.

As a student, a veteran of two internships, and future businesswoman, it's safe to say I know a little about what it takes to be organized. Let me introduce you to bloom daily planners, a company started by two University of Delaware grads who strive to help women bloom (hehe) into the best versions of themselves through organizing, goal setting, and giving back. They have an immense product line of scheduling and organization materials that help all kinds of women plan weddings, teaching lessons, and day-to-day life with the help of desk calendars and more. I feel good using my bloom products because I know they give back to causes I believe in. They continually give back to over 45 organizations including the Kids in Need Foundation that equips children with backpacks filled with supplies so they can come to school prepared to learn. Here are my favorite planning supplies and tips I use to stay on top of everything.

For the Woman With A Plan: The 2019 Vision Planner & Calendar

If you have a busy life and enjoy goal setting - this is what you need ASAP!

This baby is way more than just a planner. I use this to track my goals with the yearly and monthly vision boards. When I plan out my weekdays, I use the vertical columns that keep my days separate and easy to see. I'm a huge fan of the little beige space under each day. I use this to write reminders like appointments or meetings. Then, I use the monthly calendar view to write down big events and add stickers to show vacation time, parties, or simply motivational quotes because who doesn't need that? Keep on reading to see my planner stickers and how I use them! Speaking of motivation, lying throughout my vision planner are inspirational quotes that I use as my mantra for the week. It retails for $28.95, but you can use my referral link for a $5 off coupon or press your luck and enter my giveaway to win all of the goodies I'm sharing!

Planning tips:

Write out as much of your month ahead of time

Cross tasks off as you complete them

Stress less - get it out of your head and onto paper

For the Girl Who Loves Lists: Double Sided Planning Pad

Yes, I write down my grocery list and bring it to the store. Am I *that girl*? Yes, I am.

Maybe you're a list maker who wants a stack of paper to grab, write on, and take a single page of reminders with you. I love using my double-sided planning pad when I'm on the go. I leave this on my counter so it's ready for me to take to HomeGoods or errands. *Makes a list to buy 5 new decorative vases* With 80 sheets you can go to HomeGoods a lot. You can get this planning pad for $8.95.

How I Get the Most Out of my Planning Pad:

I write my to-dos chronologically or in order of importance

Writing down my #1 goal for the day keeps me focused

The "tonight" section is perfect for writing down what I'm going to wear, the reservation time, and where I'm going. This allows me to keep my evening plans separate from my work/school appointments

For the Organized Woman Who's Stuck on the Joy of Stickers: Planner Sticker Sheets

Perfectly sized stickers that grace the pages of your planner, as if it needed to look cuter.

In the past, I'd glace at my monthly calendar pages and would get overwhelmed with all of the dates, times, and notes I've written in the squares. I've found that planner stickers can be a functional and beneficial way to utilize monthly page space as well as weekly. This pack from bloom includes a variety of stickers for birthdays, family time, days off, vacation, road trips, and tons of other options to decorate your planner with. The set comes with six different pages and is $9.95. I think stickers are a fun way to plan your month and remain consistent. *inserts brunch sticker for every weekend*

Sticker tips:

Color code with the small round stickers to indicate different reoccurring activities

Use stickers to decorate cards and your laptop

Don't forget to enter to win all of these products on my Instagram or use my referral link to get your $5 off coupon!

Thank you to bloom daily planners for partnering with me on this post!


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