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Quick Outfit Changes That Transform Your Work Clothes For Your Valentine’s Date

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, which means that most of us will be rushing to our valentines/galentines from work to a coffee, lunch, or dinner date. Don't let the rush of coming from work or school let your love fizzle. With just a swap of a top or shoe, your outfit will be perfect for any date. Today I'm sharing four Valentine's Day outfit ideas for any occasion. 

The adorable latte is from Ascension Coffee and Wine Bar! They're a farm-to-table restaurant and wine bar focused on creating great food and yummy drinks. I tried the lavender latte - so good! Just enough lavender flavor and floral notes to be perfect for Valentines. Be sure to ask for a heart design!

Coffee Date - Swap your work blouse to a silky tie-up tank 

Romantic Dinner - Take off your blazer and apply red lipstick

Galentine's Party -  Swap your top to a fun body suit and trade your flats for heels

 Night In -  ditch the plans and spend the night in 

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

xoxo - mms

Photos by Audrie Dollins.

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