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On Weekends We Brunch

Brunch. It's both a noun and a verb describing the act of eating later in the day than breakfast but earlier than lunch. Is there anything better than waking up late on the weekend and heading to brunch with some great friends? I don't think much can top having mimosas with your besties. If you're going to forgo two meals for one, it better be good. Today I'm sharing my favorite brunch and an outfit you can wear for your #brunch pics.

If you're like me and have been searching for the perfect spot to take either your girls (who want a cute place to take Instagram pictures in) or your guy (who wants to watch the game) look no further than Moxie's. Maybe I've been overthinking this whole brunch thing, but in the past I've felt like an event planner trying to find a place that will fit everyone's wants and needs. I truly think there's some magical ratio of beer choices to TVs that guys crave and I finally cracked the code. You're welcome.

Moxie's restaurants are perfect for any occasion since they're open for lunch, dinner, late nights, and brunch on the weekends. The new Plano, Texas location is situated right around the corner of Granite Park so you're close to all of the action that the Frisco/Plano area has to offer. Their menu features the brunch staples you would expect as well as other savory and sweet options all made from fresh ingredients and 100% cage free eggs. With vegetarian and gluten conscious options there's something for almost everyone. When you go, do yourself a favor and order one of the two: the french toast or the Sicilian sausage hash. If you're like me and crave fresh fruits and homemade whipped cream, you'll order the crown royal drizzled french toast. It's sweet, but not overwhelming since most of the sweetness comes from the fruit and is balanced by the rich crown royal. So good.

If you're wanting something savory to revive you from the night before, the sausage hash is your new go-to. Fritter-style hash potatoes with mild Sicilian sausage accompanied by perfectly poached (or how you like them) eggs goes great with a mimosa. No matter what you choose, you'll feel energized for the day and not dragged down since the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. Food takes the spotlight, but the presentation and ambiance sets Moxie's apart from your typical spot.

Yes, I look for great food when choosing my brunch location, but the atmosphere is equally as important for enjoying the experience with your crew. It's the differentiation in dining somewhere other than your own kitchen. The music, lighting, artwork and posh vibe make coming here a treat. Brunch takes up two meals in your day. Better make it a good one.

Thank you to Moxie's for partnering with me on this post!


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