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Desk Accessories That Make Being at Work Slightly More Fun



Functional office supplies don't have to be boring. While you don't need to be too *extra*, you can totally make your desk a little happier to work in with these cute supplies. Today I'm sharing some cute desk accessories to make your office a little less drab and a little more #deskgoals.


Blazer | SweaterSkirt | Shoes | Bag 

Photos by: Audrie Dollins 


1) The perfect mouse pad for thinking about blasting off to space when you get your 100th email of the day.

Mouse Pad (Available at Amazon, $5.99) 


2) Keep all of your pens and pencils in one place with this acrylic holder. 

Clear Acrylic & Gold Pencil Holder (Available from Amazon, $14.99)


3) Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and more with this message board.

DIY Lightbox Message Board (Available at Target, $14.99)

4) Plan your day hour-by-hour with this deskpad. *Inserts 3 coffee breaks*

Today To Do Deskpad (Available at Paper Source, $14.95)



5) Count down the days until your next vacation with this mini sandbox.

Executive Beach Break Mini Sandbox (Available at Kohl's, $12.99)

6) Display your business cards like a boss. 

Blush Business Card Holder (Available at The Container Store, $3.99)


7) Inspirational messages you can switch out whenever you please.

Eccolo Christian Art Desk Stand (Available at Amazon, set of twelve cards and stand $14.00)


8) Cute pencils you won't let anyone steal from your desk. 

Paradise Greetings Pencil Set (Available at Shopbop, $10.00)



Now whoever passes by your desk will know that you mean business and that you've got a sense of style too.

Time for you to be #deskgoals




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