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Update - Almost Everything on my 2018 Dream Board Came True

Last year I did an entire post about creating my dream/vision board for 2018 (you can read it here). To recap, I sat down one evening and cut out pictures of things that I wanted to achieve, then glued them to my board. Just as I thought I was taking too many steps into some fairy tale mindset where everything comes true, I began to notice how many of the things I put on my board came true throughout this year. I've realized that it's not the physical dream board that works, its the visions and daily inspiration it provokes that led me to doing.

Here's some updates on everything that came true on my dream board:

My 2018 Dream Board


Get another internship - Thousands of applicants applied, but I was part of the 1% who received an internship offer from L'Oreal for the summer of 2018. I worked as a supply chain intern, led weekly phone calls with the VP of supply chain, and delivered performance reports to some of L'Oreal's largest customers. At the end of the summer, I received a job offer to start after graduation in May in a highly selective program in none other than New York City. Two goals, one stone? I haven't met New Yorker Casey Neistat yet, but the year isn't over yet!

1000 Instagram followers - This one is kind of silly, but I did achieve my goal of reaching 1000 followers! I'm going to continue trying to post great content about my life and blog.

Trips to Cabo - On my dream board I initially only put "Cabo for Spring Break." Not only did I go to Cabo for spring break, I've been multiple times since then and have another trip planned in less than a month! This goal came to fruition by the generosity of my mom. Love you!!

Run more everyday - This year I challenged myself to run more everyday than I ever have. I spent hours outside and on the treadmill collecting my well earned miles. This goes along with eating healthy and being more conscious of what I'm eating. I did an entire blog about juicing, which if you haven't read yet, you should! Denton juice lab is doing a huge sale in January, so be on the look out if your'e in the area!

Maintaining my grades - So finals week is this week, and beyond the stress and worries, I remind myself that I'm going in with all A's while taking 18 hours. May can't come soon enough!

Visit Sam in Paris - My sister studied abroad this spring in the city of love and lights - Paris. While I didn't get the chance to visit her, she came back home with a new love, who has visited us here.

100 email subscribers - I'm about half way to reaching this goal. I know that you probably have enough emails to read already, but I hope that subscribing to my email list inspires you to continue reading my content. I truly appreciate everyone one of you!

I ended my last post by saying that "I decided to dream big" and "I filled my board with things that may seem out of reach." Now, seeing almost everything come true, I'm inclined to dreaming even bigger this year. It's amazing what can happen when you write down your goals and look at them daily. I challenge you to do the same thing.

Good luck!


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