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How to Host Friendsgiving

You don't need to be an actor in a hit 90's TV show to have some  F*R*I*E*N*D*S come over and celebrate Thanksgiving. Today, I'm showing you how I hosted Friendsgiving this year. To me Thanksgiving means coming together with the people I love and being grateful for our blessings. While holding onto my family's traditions, I decided this year to create my own and host a Friendsgiving for a few friends who have become family. I've spent the past few weeks scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and created a list of helpful tips and inspiration for hosting. I have a whole new appreciation for how my parents made prepping for Thanksgiving look easy - thanks mom and dad! Without further ado, here's how I hosted Friendsgiving this year. 

Make a Signature Drink

Why spend time playing bartender when you can be out mingling with your crew? Making large-batch drinks is time saving and convenient. Here's what I made that everyone loved:

Cranberry Wine Spritzer

1 bottle of Rose

1 bottle Diet Cranberry Sprite (seasonal)

1/4 cup triple sec

1/2 cup diet cranberry juice

Fill beverage dispenser with ingredients and stir. Add ice and garnish with cranberries.

Share Your Traditions and Make Some New Ones

The best thing about coming together with friends from different backgrounds and families is sharing the little things that make Thanksgiving special for each of us. I decided to keep my Friendsgiving small this year with just a few friends. It felt really intimate and special listening to how everyone spent the holidays growing up. Making new traditions can be just as fun. Maybe your friends can each bring their favorite Thanksgiving treat or draw what they are thankful for on a banner. 

If You’re Hosting, You’re Making the Turkey 

I lucked out because Clayton's stepdad owns a catering business and smoked my turkey for me (Thank you!!). But if you don't have that luxury, go ahead and preheat your oven. Have you looked into the logistics of transporting a turkey? Didn't think so. Have everyone bring sides and you can supply the main event. 

Have the Game on in at Least One Room

Just do it. The guys won't want to have to keep googling the score. Cards Against Humanity is another way to bring everyone together. Having options for entertainment is a great way to keep the party flowing.

Set the Table and Have a Seat For Everyone

Probably the most iconic thing about Thanksgiving is the table setting and food that friends and family gather around. You don't have to do anything fancy. I used mason jars and mini pumpkins as my centerpiece. Have a place setting laid out for everyone. Use real silverware and linens. So civilized! Everyone loves a good party. The cleaning up - not so much. Everyone can chip in and help in some way.

Most importantly, take a moment to remember how thankful you are for your friends. Let your mind stop thinking about how stressful this time of year can be. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting my close friends this year. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with special moments you won’t forget. 


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