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Juice Cleansing 101

You hear people talk about them. You see restaurants selling an array of colorful fruit juices with different benefits. So what is it about juice cleanses that has everyone buying kale like its going out of style?

I recently did a juice cleanse with Denton Juice Lab. They offer amazing smoothies, meals, and juice cleanses that you can alter to fit your needs. Historically, I'm someone who loves to grab a smoothie or juice for breakfast or a snack. Whether you buy them at your local grocery store or at a juice store, the benefits of drinking fresh fruits and vegetables is undeniable. Denton Juice Lab offers plans that fit into your schedule. Here's what I learned about juice cleanses that may help you:

What exactly is a cleanse and how does it work?

A juice cleanse is a reboot for your immune system. If your'e feeling down from eating bad over a length of time, a cleanse can be helpful to get you back on track. Generally, a cleanse is done in 1-2 days where you drink a series of juices that have different benefits. There's a myth people tend to believe about cleanses. Contrary to popular belief, juice cleanse do not make you lose weight. It's a cleanse, not a diet. Think of Whole 30. It's a lifestyle change, not a diet that constricts calories. Whole 30 generally isn't a diet for losing weight, though some people find that changing their daily diet over a length of time does lead to weight loss. I love Denton Juice lab because they recommended you foods to eat while you cleanse. More on this below.

Do you ONLY drink juice??

Nope! Denton Juice Lab says that alongside your daily juices you should eat healthy meals throughout the day. You aren't restricting your body, your'e feeding it good foods that your body will love more than a Chic-fil-A meal (hey, everything in moderation). Denton Juice Lab recommended me to eat fresh, raw foods throughout the day while I drank their juices. What does that mean? You can eat things like nuts, fruits, salads, and healthy fats like avocado and olive oil. Think of cleanses as a reboot button. I found that after a day of drinking healthy juices and eating fresh foods instead of my favorite spicy chicken sandwich I felt more energized.

What are the benefits?

Cleanses are a great way to get in your daily fruits and vegetables if you aren't someone who likes to buy fresh produce every week or are always on the go. Does your body run on coffee or tea instead of plain water? Juices are a great way meet your body's hydration needs.

What's my take on all of this?

I learned that I love drinking juices and smoothies because it's the easiest way for a college student like me to get my daily fruits and vegetable needs in. Cleanses aren't for everyone, but they are a great way to see how your body feels when you take a day or two to eat as healthy as you can.

Are you in the Denton area? Check out to see their full menu of amazing meals, smoothies, juices, and more!

Happy juicing!


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