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Perfect Workout for a Busy Schedule- 9 Round Fitness

I’ve tried a lot of fitness classes over the years, but nothing compares to the flexibility of schedule and intensity of the workout that 9 Round Fitness offers. 9 Rounds is different than most group fitness classes because there is no schedule or start time that you have to begin your workout on. You can stop by for an intense 30 minute workout any time of day and leave feeling amazing.

How do they do it? 9 Round Fitness is comprised of 9 workout stations that you complete in 3 minutes each. In between stations you do 30 seconds of a surprise workout with the group like crunches, mountain climbers, or planks. Each station offers a different workout that focuses on a different part of your body. Completing nine rounds/stations equates to 30 minutes.

My favorite part about 9 Rounds is that you can start at any station, do as many “rounds” as you want, and leave feeling stronger than when you came in. Sometimes I’ll do an extra lap around the gym and complete 18 rounds. If I’m in a crazy rush, I’ve done 6 rounds before. Because of the concept of no set class schedule, you can alter the workout to be exactly what you want it to be.

Here's What to Expect: each station's workout routine changes daily

Stations 1-2 - Cardio/Strength 

  • free weight reps

  • jump rope

  • medicine ball

  • kettle bells

Stations 3-8 - Kickboxing 

  • build stamina and power by completing kickboxing sequences

  • speed bag 

  • shin kicks, round house kicks 

Station 9 - Abs & Core

  • an entire station dedicated to abs... my dream!

  • upper, lower, an oblique ab routinues

You don't need any kickboxing experience to start and your first class is free. I'm obsessed with 9Rounds and love the diversity of the routines, motivational environment, and the flexibility that it gives me for doing other things I love! Check them out at Even better, 9 Rounds just won 2018 Best of Denton kickboxing! 

Want to see my favorite workout clothes? Let me know!!


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