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Poolside Inspiration & Blog Update

Cabo San Lucas has been my family's go-to vacation spot for years. The weather is always beautiful, the restaurants and nightlight are incredible, and our vacation home here seems to be the perfect getaway for any occasion. My family has so many memories here. Every trip seems to hold special moments that remind us how amazing our lives are. I'm extremely thankful for what God has given to me, and trips like these help me remember what's important in life.

Even here, I find myself thinking that my life has to be perfect- especially online. I say "I have to make myself look this way" and curate my online presence to look stellar. But real life isn't filtered or edited. I've decided that I need to stop worrying about making everything look perfect through a phone. I believe that the world needs more authenticity. I've decided that my blog should reflect my authentic self.

What does this mean for my blog going forward? This means that in addition to blogging about clothes, brunch, and working out, I'm going to further my discussions on how to sustain a lifestyle that includes those things. I think that far too many young women take pride in the fact that they don't know how to do basic things. We don't have to "have it all" immediately, but there are steps we can take daily to better ourselves from the inside out.

What are the hard and holy things? It's the not so glamorous definition of what it means to be a real woman in today's world. Look around on Instagram for 5 minutes and you'll see thousands of women telling you how to be prettier, happier, and more stylish. I think there is a gap in the market for young women who show how to do these things while sustaining a financially balanced life. That's what I want my blog to capture. I not only want to show new fashion trends, I want to show how to save the money to afford them. I should also add that I want to start these conversations in a way that isn't boring.

Being an adult isn't a title we should be intimidated by. I'm inspired to learn what it takes to become an adult without believing in the facade that everything has to be Instagram perfect.


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