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Bonds Over Brunch: 10 Habits of Future Millionaires

Money isn't everything, but it is something.

I listen to a lot of podcasts on my way to work. My favorite podcast, How I Built This, interviews entrepreneurs and CEOs from different industries to discover the story of how they became who they are.

What I find interesting as I zoom down the Dallas North Tollway, is that there are several common attributes that these people have. These leaders and innovators share habits that I began to list in my head. A good habit is like a seed, that if watered and cared for can become something larger. Good habits don't change your situation immediately, they create waves that stir up change. Good habits are investments for your own life - and the best part of all is that they are free of charge.

Here are the habits that I compounded from listening to many podcasts on the way to work. I guess being stuck in traffic has it's perks.

1) Say "No"

Learn to prioritize what you want for your life. You can't have it all, but you can put your all into what you select.

2) Ask Questions

Fearlessly approach what doesn't make sense to you and use your resources to figure it out.

3) Warren Buffet's 5/25 Rule

Warren coined this idea and others have reap the benefits of this trick. Make a list of 25 things yo want to do. Now, go do the top 5 you listed and forget about the other 20. His method allows you to center your time on the first 5 items with complete focus, leaving the distractions of other tasks behind.

4) Be Around People Who Lift You Up/Motivate You

You are who you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with people who love and inspire you to be your best.

5) Save dat Money

I never thought that I would reference a Lil Dicky song in my blog, but today is the day. Read my blog post about tops to saving for retirement early.

6) Don't Make Excuses

Every second you waste complaining or being complacent you could have used to better yourself.

7) Plant Seeds

They say that 1% of the seeds turn into 50% of flowers. The take away from this random garden fact: plant lots of seeds.

8) Make a Goal/ Dream Board

Visualize your ideal life and manifest it physically so you see it every day. Okay, so this may be another shameless plug to my Dream Board Blog post I wrote in the beginning of the year. Anyone want an update on how I'm doing?!

9) 1% A Day

Whatever you want to get better at or learn, do 1% of it a day. I'll do the math for you. That totals to 3800% a year.

I'm going to end this post with 9 habits instead of 10 because the secret to success is giving yourself permission to be wrong. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them. The Australian Coat of Arms depicts a kangaroo and an emu. Why? The kangaroo and the emu are two animals that are incapable of moving backwards - literally. Using these animals on their Coat of Arms symbolizes the nation moving forwards.

Apply good habits in your life and see the changes that you make. Good luck!


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