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Perfect Summer Rompers

I've said it before and I'll say it again: rompers are my favorite thing to wear. I love rompers because they offer the ease of shorts with the stylishness of a dress. You look put together without actually having to put together a pair shorts with a top. Rompers are the best of both worlds. In this post, I'll show you my favorite romper and other options that are perfect for this summer.

Revolve Romper | Kendra Scott Earrings

This romper from Revolve is my favorite because of it's cut outs and pom-poms. I love the halter top and how it ties in the back with pink tassels. The front has a slit that can be adjusted to open or close as much as you want it to. The back is open (you can see part of it in the second picture). Of course. I had to pair my fave romper with something from Kendra Scott (Kendra, please sponsor me)... These rose gold Kendra Scott earrings have been my go-to set to wear lately. The look great against this pink romper.

If you like rompers as much as me, you'll know that not all rompers are the same. This one is my favorite because its adjustable. Because it ties at the neck and the back, you can fit it perfectly for you! Not to mention, it's girly details are adorable.

The rompers I've selected below can be dressed up or down simply by styling them in different ways. I've listed them from casual to dressy starting with number 1 being the most casual.

Here are some other rompers that I'm loving for this summer:

1) Ruffle Trim Romper From Forever 21

2) Aly & Jay Sunny Lace Romper From Urban Outfitters

3) Cowl-Neck Romper From Urban Outfitters

I hope this summer is your best one yet!


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