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My Secrets to Getting Perfect Hair

Everyday should be a good hair day.

I get lots of questions about what I do to my hair when I curl it. Here’s exactly what I do to make it last all say & night.

Okay, I had to add that... Let’s begin:

1. Start With Freshly Washed and Dried Hair

My hair curls best right after I’ve blown it dry. I add minimal product, if any. If I think my ends are getting dry I’ll add coconut oil or a hair oil specifically for dry ends. I always use heat protectant. Here’s the one I use.

2. Invest in Hot Rollers

The most important step. I’m probably the only person in my generation using hot rollers, but I think it’s time to bring these things back!! You get perfect curls every time with minimal work. They give a more voluminous look that you just can't get from a curling iron.

Here’s the secret: For the top section of hair, start at the front of your head and roll the curler away from your face. Continue this process with a section of hair right behind the first roller. You should have about 4 rollers in a straight line all going towards the back of your head. Next, I curl the sides of my head rolling the curlers down. Do the same for the back of your head, rolling the curlers down. My hot rollers come in two sizes: small and large. I use the small rollers around the top of my head and the large rollers closer to the bottom. Here are the rollers I use.

Leave them in for at least 20 minutes. That being said, if you want them to last all day, I suggest leaving them in for 40 minutes. While they are cooling, I do my makeup or other errands around the house.

Once they are cooled, carefully take them out, then work your fingers through them. I set mine with L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray.

3. Touch Ups

When I let my hot rollers set for an extended amount of time, they last all day long and even into the next day. If I feel like some areas need to be touched up, I use a hair wand. This is the one I use. I always position the wand down and curl away from my face.

There you have it! Add hot rollers to your collection of hair tools and see if you like the results. I love how hot rollers add volume to your hair without the extra damage that teasing adds. Make every day a good hair day,


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