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Monday Motivation and Quotes

Here's a big secret: one of my biggest struggles is living in the moment. All too often I find myself imagining the details of my future and investing my thoughts on the end game. I over analyze, overthink, and obsess over the uncontrollable. I'm left feeling exhausted from the time spent worrying and reminiscent on the past when I didn't live in the moment.

I've decided to take the actions necessary to start enjoying now more. Here are some ways that I'm changing the way I think:

1) Be Decisive

I've started to be selective about what I think of. I ask myself, "Is thinking about this going to help me to be productive or hinder me from progress?" I think that setting goals is a healthy thing to do. The power lies in what you're actually doing to achieve those goals, not what you're thinking about doing. Anyone can think about being successful. Fewer go out and work hard to achieve it. I'm trying to be decisive about what I want to do, lessening my time thinking about it and investing my time into doing it.

2) No More Mind Games

I think that our thoughts have so much more power than we believe. Whenever I feel myself obsess over something I can’t control, I pray for peace. With practice, this becomes easier and easier to do. We weren't made to worry. The joy of knowing that God holds my future gives me peace of mind.

3) Spring Cleaning

Proverbs 23:7 states “For as he thinks in his heart, so he is.” The interpretation - you are what you think. Countless studies show that happy people are healthier. Their bodies, relationships, and work benefit from their joy. As well as going through my closet, I'm extending my spring cleaning to my mind. Reducing the amount of stress and implementing more and more thoughts that make me happy.

4) Ask for Wisdom

A friend of mine and I were talking about what we should pray for when we felt uncertain. I've always wondered about this because many times it's my uncertainty that leads to my worries. She told me that I should pray that God would align my desires to His will for me. Isn't that an amazing prayer?! Wisdom is all around us. Seek it out.

I'm going to start making the daily choice to stop worrying and start living in the moment - and I couldn't be more excited.


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