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My 2017 Reflections and Goals for 2018

Sipping my iced coffee this Christmas morning I reflect on how 2017 has been the best year of my life. I hope that you can say the same. If not, I hope that you find this joy in 2018.

Here are my some of the most valuable lessons I've learned this year and my goals for the year to come. Merry Christmas!

2017 Reflections

  • Take your time. Don't rush through life

  • Journal more. It's amazing what your mind can say through a pen (or computer)

  • Treat people how you want to be treated

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, thank God for what he has given you

  • Laugh every single day

  • Take your makeup off before you sleep

  • Find what you love and run for it

My Goals for 2018

  • Make my own coffee everyday (aka stop spending $5 every other day at Starbucks)

  • Go to Bible study more

  • Visit Sam in France while she studies abroad

  • Moisturize

  • Do a devotion everyday

  • Worry less

  • Blog More!

I challenge you to reflect on this year and make goals for 2018 too! Let's keep each other accountable.


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