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Why I Transfered & Other Life Changes

I’ve concluded that this year has changed and impacted my life more than any other. If you told me that last year I would have been filled with anxiety, but standing where I am now I can say that I’ve never been happier.

Get ready because it’s about to get deep!! Lol not really, but I feel like so many people go through similar things I did this year, so I thought that I would share my thoughts. Here we go:

When I chose my major, mechanical engineering, I had only taken one engineering class in high school. I figured that I was pretty good in physics and thought that choosing a major that was desirable by STEM industries was the only choice I should base my decision off of. Oh 18 year old Maddie, you had so much to learn lol. I chose the University of Texas at Dallas because I wasn’t positive about where I wanted to end up and it was close to home.

Every day I went to class where I was either the only girl or in a class with 90% guys. Come to find out, this is both a pro and a con lol. It was hard because I was constantly looked down on by the guys. I wish I could say that I was exaggerating or making that up. But this post isn’t about that or asking for pity.

Key point: you have to find, do and strive for what makes you happy. Never settle for anything less.

Since transferring to the University of North Texas I have made so many friends with people who make me feel excited, optimistic and loved. People who I can actually see being life long friends, not just people I go to class with.

Through many days and nights of hating what I was studying, I’ve finally found what I love. I don’t regret that time of realsization either. It’s because of that time in my life that I have an appreciation for now. I’m studying things that I’m excited about, and really good in.

I just finished my first semester in the school of business. I finished with all A’s. **Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ playing in the background**

Find what it is that makes you feel the way I do right now.

As I type this I am waiting in the advising office, in line to add my major classes for next semester. It’s logistics and supply chain. I’m no longer anxious about these changes. I can’t wait for next year.


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