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What to Wear on Game Day

If you're like me, you love to go to as many games a year as possible. My faves are the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Cowboys. Sam (my sister) and I got extra dressed up for the Cowboys game we went to this past Thanksgiving. We joked that we looked like backup dancers for a rap video. With this in mind, we went and the people LOVED it. No joke, we were stopped multiple times and were told how fab we looked. I'm not complaining. It was awesome.

On Sam: Sam is wearing Hudson's star embellished jeans with the cutest blue suede top from Urban Outfitters. It has mini stars all over it and is the perfect length for a crop top. We paired a Rails blue and white flannel with it to tie around her waist. Softest and best flannels I've found. Worth the $$$. Finally, lets talk about these bomb white leather boots. We both have a pair of these and they are AMAZING. Also, they are amazingly painful to walk in, but hey its worth it. You have to check these out: Steve Madden white leather boots. PS: they were 30% off at the time I wrote this.

On Me: I'm wearing a black cotton dress I got a while ago. It was super inexpensive and is perfect for layering. Let's talk about this Bagatelle star denim jacket... um is this not perfect for Dallas Stars or Cowboys games?? I finished my look with over the knee, suede, blue boots. Okay, so I know that these are kind of a lot but they are really fun for occasions like this. Also, they were a steal. Sadly, the ones I wore are all gone now, but find ones similar here: Stuart Weitzman Boots.

Stay tuned to see what we wear for the Christmas Eve Cowboys game....


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